Monday, 1 August 2011

Ramadhan Kareem.. (^_^)

Salam n hye peeps...

1st Ramadhan today, means 1st day of fasting month.  Happy fasting to all..may this ramadhan brings us more blessings from Him..Insya-Allah..

1st day me officially in Putrajaya..gonna 'tabur duit' ats jalan la lepas ni, paying for toll n petrol..huhuhuhu..

Owh ya, effective immediately pick-up point at Pusat Bandar Damansara during weekdays no longer valid..Good news Putrajaya peeps dan kawsan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya!!  On weekdays new pick-up point would be at Precint 4, Putrajaya - my new office..hehehehe..

Since it's 1st day of fasting..let's keep it less with the mumbligs and more photos.. Alhamdulillah, murah rezeki Scrumptious Sugarduring the final week bofore Ramdhan..sampai tak cukup tepung akak bersilat kat dapur uollss.. some delectable pics for drooling...ops, jgn over sgt, nnt batal posa lak..

Diana ordered the all-time favourite Congo Bars n Honey-Bunch Brownies.

Sue, a friend n also a repeat customer ordered Nutella 16 pcs, Butterscotch and Congo Bars

Then there's Shortbread Brownies n Nutella 16 pcs for my sister's hsemate n her colleague..

This extra-large Butterscotch Brownies was for Asdiana..I used 1 1/2 recipe to get a size 10"

Nope, it's not deja vu..Hidayah ordered 2 Congo Bars to be brought to her parents in law's..

Rahah, a hardcore fan of Butterscotch ordered again.. (^_^) 2 pcs this time, for her relatives..

below are pics of Nutella Fudgy Brownie Cuppies - the 2 sets i baked for my sister n sue, saja jer letak nak bagi korang teringin..hesheshes..

So that's about it guys.. thank you all for ordering..

Stay tune for new menu on the house!!! (^_^)

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