Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Menu In Da' House!!

Assalam ni hi SucrumptiousSugarians..

It is finally here...

So, tunggu apa lagi, don't miss the chance peeps, grab yours a.s.a.p..tak menyesal punyer, gerenti!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Friday, 15 March 2013

Loooooonnnnggg Forgotten?

Assalam n hi gorgeous peeps of Scrumptious Sugar ....

Masya-Allah, it seems that this little blog store has gone hiatus for so long!!  Ish, ish, ish..awatla jadi lagu ni..!!  Tukang hapdet blog ni makan gaji buta ke apa ni...

Sorry peeps, but I guess u know that Scrumptious Sugar now are managing 2 other social media accounts - Facebook - and Instagram - (Ermmm, have you peeps liked/followed us already?  Rugi woo sapa yang tak buat lagi!).

Our so-called 'IT Department' (yours truly..) has been trying their best to keeping all medium updated.  Tapi nak buat lagu mana tak dan jugak, especially in showing the little blog store some hearts.  Since the other two are more interactive and less words are needed, thus leaving this one kinda - taking a backseat (-__-) . 
Tu la, gila kosa sangat kan..padan muka la dengan tauke kedai!

Though one of our 2013 resolutions - to make sure all channels are updated simultaneously and regularly ala-ala da ke laut, we will not let our 1st channel connecting to our beloved peeps disappears into thin air okies?  This is, in fact our 1st  love and initial connection to you guys!!

This blog is more personal to tauke kedai, some sort like a note of the what-ever-kind of journey took and challenges faced.  So, to express it needs - erm, inspirations?  And lately she is soo uninspired!     

We have come to March 2013, huh..before you know it suddenly it just passes us by.  Time, precious time seems to be travelling at the speed of lights these days.  So far, we have been a tuning down a bit.  Tauke kedai has been going though a lot and seems like it is not slowing down.  A dream put on hold, a career change to endure, a never ending search for the rainbow, blah, blah, blah!!

Well, talking about career change.  Had to bid bubye to her magnificent view at the office,  relocate to not-too-bad-but-not-as-nice view room on a different floor and start doing something alien, again!!  I had mix feeling upon getting the transfer order...but SYMP, kan..redha jer la..

My used-to-be view:
Nice, huh..can see all the way to Cyberjaya.  Just love seeing the rain coming..

Tauke kedai had huge plans for Scrumptious Sugar in 2013.  But...., as for now she had to press the 'pause' button due some technical issues.  Kita merancang, kan?  Tuhan itu lebih berkuasa.  No worries, though spirits are kinda scarred at the moment, we are keeping our heads (head) and hopes high..and still believe that the rainbow is there..we just have to look for it..

Okies, that is all for now.  Kedai kecik ni memang ler nak kena kemas-kemas sket apa yang patut - update some photos n info.  Please bear with us, okies..

Happy Friday peeps, weekend is on in another, erm...7 hours? (well to us weekend starts at 5pm each Friday, not a second later..hahahahaha).  Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Two-Thousand-Thirteen begins..

Assalam ni hi peeps..

4 days into the new year n Scrumptious Sugar is back on full swing, inshaa Allah!!  Last December tauke kedai had major itchiness to battle n took quite some time off.  She is now recovering, though you may see her scratch at times..hahahahahaha!!

We are proud to announce that we are now on !!  Even though we are not highly skilled in snapping or editing photos, we are so gedik to have an account jugek!!!  

Search for scrumptious_sugar & puhleeeaassseeeee follow us on Instagram okies?

Happy Friday n have a great weekend ahead ma' peeps!! ^__^